Parsonage Village Vineyard is planted on a seven-acre south-facing hillside bench 500 feet above the Carmel River and a half mile east of the Carmel Valley Village. The mesoclimate here is ideal for the all red varietals – Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot that make up the Estate Vineyard.

Our location in Carmel Valley provides world class climatological conditions. The south facing slope acts as a natural heat sink providing moderate heat for an extended growing season and perfect ripening. Fourteen miles from the Pacific Ocean, the location is ideal for late afternoon cooling which also lengthens the ripening process. The soil is a silt-clay-loam with a generous amount of Carmel Stone (chalky rock) that provides an additional level of complexity and intensity to the fruit.

The seven-acre vineyard is laid out on a North/South axis. Rather than terrace the steep (25%) slope, the vines ascend the slope terminating in a nearly all chalky (Carmelstone) soil. Vines are spaced out at six feet with eight-foot row spacing.

The focus at Parsonage Village Vineyard is not on high yields, but the health and maintenance of every vine. The vineyard is harvested as each section is ready, ensuring powerful flavors from physiologically ripe fruit.