Carmel Valley Wine Tasting Room

Location:  19 East Carmel Valley Rd.

Hours: Open daily from 11am to 5pm. 

Phone: 831-659-7322


The Parsonage Wine Tasting Room is located in Carmel Valley Village, less than a mile from our vineyard, winery and family home. Our Tasting Room is colorful and casual, designed for guests to enjoy Parsonage wines in a comfortable setting.  Our walls are filled with the art of Mary Ellen Parsons

Tasting Menu: Guests can choose either our $10 Premium flight of 4 wines (waived with purchase of $50 or more) or our $20 Reserve flight of 3 reserve wines (waived with purchase of $80 or more). 

Reservations for Groups: Reservations are needed for groups of 7 or larger.  Please contact us at or 831-659-7322 and we'd be happy to help.

Directions and Parking: Our Tasting Room is located at 19 E Carmel Valley Rd, approximately 12 miles west of Highway 1 on the right side of the road in Carmel Valley Village.  There is plenty of parking and several other tasting rooms are within easy walking distance.

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